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We use Organic, Fair-trade and seasonal ingredients wherever possible. Whilst we would love to use the word “local” lets be honest, there really aren’t many farms or vanilla fields in and around London. We do, however, aim to support as many smaller British businesses and supply chains as possible, trying to avoid the big players. We know there is always a pro and a con to everything and we don’t ever claim to be perfect, but we will always aim to do the best we can.

We source our eggs from a farm in Kent which we collect from our lovely egg man, Gareth, around the corner from us whilst he delivers to the local Butchers and Deli’s.

We love to use ancient grains such as spelt and rye flour in our baking. Not only are they easier for us to digest, they are all British grown and enhance the flavours of the cakes.

Whilst there aren’t many cows wandering around London, we source our dairy from trusted farms in sunny Somerset.

The Vanilla market is still recovering from a huge wipeout a couple of years back making prices astronomical and conditions for farmers poor. We use companies we know support sustainable environmental practises.

We bake using Billington’s unrefined golden caster sugar in our cakes.

We use delicious chocolate from a British company that is Organic, fair-trade and hand-made in West Sussex. They're also really on top of their recyclable packaging which we think is super!

Our edible flowers are 100% soil association certified Organic, grown and hand-picked in Devon by Jan and her lovely team on their incredible edible flower farm. Maddocks Farm have become very good friends of ours and we have shared a few laughs and tears together. From treacherous charity event hikes across the South Coast to sharing a few too many floral Gin and Tonics together of an evening, we love these guys!

We make our delicious salted caramel and ganaches in house, using Maldon sea salt and organic chocolates.

We use small British Jam companies that use seasonal and British Fruit where possible. They are bursting with fruits, lower in sugar and utterly delicious.

After recently reading a label on our “Natural Red Food colouring” and seeing that lovely E120 Cochineal (squished bugs) - we have been trialling colours using fruit and vegetable colourings which are beautiful. Whilst the colours vary slightly and are more limited, we hope you agree it's much nicer not to eat all those hidden E numbers.