Some things are almost too beautiful to eat, then there is this handmade gift...The flavour is deep with 100 per cent sustainable cocoa, and the texture is fudgy with just the right amount of chew. The packaging is 100 per cent recyclable too. This is the most Instagrammable gift we’ve seen yet.

Emily Goddard, INDEPENDENT

She's made these brownies and they're very well made. Great ingredients, they're unctuous and absolutely delicious but how amazing does that look? The Blushing Cook- look 'em up.

Jamie Oliver

One of the prettiest things ever to arrive at my door is this box of (delicious) chocolate brownies decorated with pressed edible flowers.

Nigel Slater

Sweet and buttery with a touch of salt, just as shortbread should be.

Michel Roux Jr.

They are as breathtakingly beautiful as a Dutch flower painting …they honestly are as delicious as they are beautiful. Very, very rich but you can’t tell the petals are there - not dry and crisp at all, just moist.

Jo Fairly

Honestly what a treat… don’t judge me, but I just ate one. Before 10am. And they are bloomin gorgeous.

Georgina Hayden

The most stunning, unbelievable, chocolate brownies.

The GC, Gemma Colins

Floral Celebration Cakes

Blushing Cook’s signature ‘Pressed Flower Cake’ decorated with edible flowers. A showstopper for any celebration. 

Delivery available within London or Collect from our Floral Kitchen in South West London Monday - Friday.